Carbide & Cermet-tipped

Cold saw blades

  • For cutting ferrous metal / steel Bar, Pipe
  • Technology and equipment from Japan and Germany
  • MOQ:  1 Piece

What is cermet-tipped cold saw blade?

A Cold saw blade is specially used on industrial CNC cold saw which is designed to cut steel bar or pipe, it uses a toothed blade to transfer the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the saw blade, allowing both the blade and material being cut to remain cool.

Hirono cold saw blades use Cermet tips as Cutting Edge Materials which compose ceramic (cer) and metallic (met) materials. Cermet is ideally designed to have the optimal properties of both materials, such as high temperature and wear resistance, hardness, and Fracture toughness.


Advantages of Hirono cold saw blade

The cermet-tipped cold saw blade is mainly used to cut Cast Iron, Medium Carbon Steel, Bearing Steel, Stainless Steel Bar, Tube and Cube.

It is single use, highly efficient and economical, it allows you to manage your resources in the most efficient way,it reduces the manufacturing costs and help you respond faster to your customer’s needs.

  • Cuts faster
  • Better cut quality
  • More corrosion-resistant
  • Need Less emplyees
  • More uptime of the machine
  • Environment-friendly
  • No sawing sludge
  • Higher productivity
  • Less manufacturing cost
  • Longer cutting life

About “Hirono”

“Top Grade” is not a concept but a STANDARD

Hirono is a professional manufacturer which Research, design and produce the Saw blades and other cutter tools. It is a sino-Japan joint adventure with Japanese company KOBAYASHI DIA LTD.

The company is located in Hangzhou (200KM far from Shanghai). There are the most advanced production lines which are composed of the machines imported from Japan and Germany.

The brand “Hirono” represents the premium quality for cermet tipped cold saw blades, PCD saw blades and also TCT saw blades in both China and overseas. The products are widely used in gear producing, furniture, doors and window manufacturing fields etc.


All Hirono products

Premium Quality for industrial use


Cermet Saw Blades

Cold saw blades for cutting ferrous metal in the most efficient way!

Get 50 times productivity
More specification

PCD Saw Blades

Polycrystalline Diamond tipped saw blades for cutting wood-based panels.

Get 200 times long life
More Specification

TCT Saw Blades

Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades for cutting non-ferrous metal and plastics.

Get the finest cut.
More Specification

Why You Should Choose Hirono?

  • Original technology started in 1973Original technology from KOBAYASHI DIA LTD which was established in 1973 in Japan
  • Offering the right blade suited to your materialWe always face your needs and cut materials, design and and make all saw blades from scratch. Intending to not only making the blade life longer and cost less but also improving productivity and working efficiency
  • Latest equipment capable of variety of saw bladesWith the full range of equipment, our experts will satisfy need of saw blades used in variety of manufacturing environments.
  • Extraordinary Craftsmen with best skills in this fieldOur saw blades are produced thanks to integration of the latest equipment, intuitions and experiences which our engineers have won through making tools by hand.
  • Pioneer of Cermet-tipped cold saw bladeHirono has led the industry as a pioneer since the success in development of ferrous metal cutting blades in China

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August 16, 2018

We will exhibit at MetalForm China 2018

We will exhibit at MetalForm China 2018. Booth at: E06 We are looking forward to seeing you